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Solar Attic Fans

Whether you’re trying to ventilate your attic, shed, multi-family dwelling, garage, barn, livestock pins, commercial spaces, etc… You have found the smartest solution for your solar powered attic ventilation (solar attic fans) needs.


What this means is that SolarRoyal cares about providing our customers with the best and another reason to encourage our customers to compare (dare-to-compare) against other products.


REALLY! look at some of the others: round dome with a square solar panel screwed on top. Then there are others that are so big, in our opinion they look like a restaurant grease-trap. Do you really want that on top of your home?


Embedded within the low profile design, not just screwed on top. Embedded angle bracket and at no extra charge. Others are charging +$40 extra or just offering an unattractive solution.


Something no one thinks about but use a competitors product and then have to service it, GOOD LUCK! It will require a complete dismantle of the product and worse your flashing has to be compromised.


If your shopping for a solar ventilation solutions, be sure you only consider units with BRUSHLESS DC motors. WHY? because anything else, regardless if others offer you a 15yr, 25yr or longer the fact is that brushed dc motors need to be replaced or services between 4 and 8 years


Product Information
Solar Panel: 25 Watt High-efficient monocrystaline, 18 Volt, 1.39 Amp.
Motor: High-quality Brushless 6-24 VDC, proprietary, high performance, direct current.
Fan Blade: 12-inch/5-blade “TurboPro` styled custom nylon/polymeric blade and balanced hub.
Performance: Up-to-2100 sq.ft and ventilation capacity up-to 1500 CFMs.
Housing: Upper: automotive grade abs, high impact composite material, UV stabilizer with embedded fire retardant resin.
Base: System double-locks into upper housing. Seperate aluminum base for easier installaion, support & maintenance.
Model Info: Info:Model Nr.: SR1803
Part Nr.: SE25W-03
UPC: 638142929394
Unit Dimensions: Unit Size: 24″ x 24″ x 7″
Unit Weight: 26 Lbs
Unit Box Size: 28″ x 28″ x 11″